Course datesNumber of hoursCourse price
X 2023 - VI 2024 300 950 EUR

The course consists of 300 hours of lessons (45 min. each) and prepares for taking Polish certifying exam at B1 or B2 level and for taking up studies in Poland. Classes take place in the Centre for Polish Language and Culture at  University of Siedlce.

Course datesNumber of hours / levelCourse price
March - May 2024 50 / level A0/A1 950 PLN 

The course is aimed at foreigners living in Poland who wish to develop their Polish language skills. It is addressed to adults and young people on basic level. The course is based on learning grammar and spelling, teaches how to communicate effectively in daily life, at work and at school, orally and in writing. We issue certificates after completing the course, for those willing - we conduct an exam and issue a certificate.

Course datesNumber of hoursCourse price
to be agreed on 30 360 PLN

The course intended for foreigners interested in studying in Poland in Polish language. It includes an intensive revision of Polish language at B2 level and one block of major subjects according to the chosen field of study. The course lasts 3 days (Friday – Sunday).

Ośrodek Języka Polskiego i Kultury Polskiej UPH w Siedlcach


Center for Polish Language and Culture

Siedlce University

ul. Konarskiego 2, 08-110 Siedlce