Revision course

Course datesNumber of hoursCourse price
to be agreed on 30 360 PLN

The course intended for foreigners interested in studying in Poland in Polish language. It includes an intensive revision of Polish language at B2 level and one block of major subjects according to the chosen field of study. The course lasts 3 days (Friday – Sunday).

One course includes a revision of Polish language and one block of subjects. You can choose from:

  • Polish language + block in Mathematics and Physics
  • Polish language + block in Biology and Physics
  • Polish language + block in Humanities

Course dates: to be agreed on (phone or email contact required)

Number of hours: 30

Classes take place daily for 8 hours (lunch break included)

Course price: 360 PLN

Attention! Price does not include the cost of accommodation, alimentation, insurance and textbooks.

Course will be launched with a minimum number of 15 participants.

We offer the possibility to prepare courses for organized groups. We can adjust the length of the course and its programme to individual needs of various institutions (offices, companies, entrepreneurs). We also organize online courses with the use of remote teaching tools.

Application form:

Ośrodek Języka Polskiego i Kultury Polskiej UPH w Siedlcach


Center for Polish Language and Culture

Siedlce University

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